TypeFinder personality testPositive work environment and good pay are two things that may motivate you to do your job.

But they won’t make you perform at work. You’ll need another factor that will lead you to a job satisfaction, and excel at your career.

It’s a FIT between your personality and your job. A fit will lead you to perform the best and a misfit will make you hate your job.

A misfit is oftentimes not easy to recognize. It’s possible for you to enjoy working with your current employer and, at the same time, get frustrated with your job. How do you explain your job stress?

That was what happened to my career. I found the answers to my career struggles with many career tests, including personality tests. I’ll show you how to get out of your career woes with the TypeFinder personality test.

Let’s have a look at the WHY first.

Reasons to Take the TypeFinder Personality Test

There are lots of personality profiling tests out there. How do you find a personality survey for determining a career? How do you choose a great, scientific one?

Here are some criteria to consider when choosing a personality analysis to determine a career:

  1. Professionally developed,
  2. Scientifically validated,
  3. Based on a proven theory,
  4. Comprehensive results that are easy to understand.

Here are some features found about the Type Finder personality assessment:

  1. Truity Psychometrics developed the TypeFinder® for over two years,
  2. From over 3,000 volunteers who already knew their personality type, the TypeFinder matched up their personality type 71% of the time,
  3. Typefinder is a scientifically validated assessment tool based on the 16 types of personality types created by Isabel Briggs Myers,
  4. The questionnaire allows you to take a full and real psychological analysis online–no need special training to understand the report.

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How Typefinder Personality Test Works

The test assesses four dimensions: Extraversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving. Your test result reports your four-letter type code, like INTP or ESFJ.

typefinder personality test

typefinder personality test

You’ll need to answer between 36 and 102 questions, for about 20-30 minutes. The test adapts as you go so the numbers of questions you’ll answer depend on your previous answers.

The test result reports your four-letter type code plus all about its meaning for you, your relationships, and your work. It presents the details about knowing yourself, dealing with others, finding your calling, and unlocking your potential.

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My TypeFinder Personality Test Report

my type finder personality test result

My in-depth test report shows my four-letter type as INFP. There are details explanations for the four dimensions, including things that I enjoy. At the bottom, it describes my type, core values and key motivators.

The next part offers a narration about how I appear to others. It reported my relationship style and the way I connect with others. Then, it also showed my communication style and the way I communicate with others.

The third part is a section about work. This is all things related to work environment, work roles, teamwork style, leadership style, and top careers for my type. The careers listed give a representative sample of the top trends for my type.

The last part displayed my personal strengths: idealism, vision, thoughtfulness, and introspection. It also suggested some opportunities for excellence and potential pitfalls to take care of.

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My Opinion about TypeFinder Personality Test

I agreed with almost all the reported results related to my personality.

One of the results that I slightly disagreed with was Introversion. When I checked the degree of certainty for my result, the footnote said my Energy Style was only 71.41% certainty.

Another one was about my Values Style: Feeling. I thought my Thinking and my Feeling were about at the same level. But when I checked the certainty level it turned out to be 73.05%.

I found the information about relationship and communication style was helpful for exploring the best work environment for me. When I combined it with my work motivation, on the third part, I can get a list of careers that are right for my style.

But that’s not all. The last part of the report shows me at my best, which is passionate about helping others to achieve their potential. It also offer some tips to leverage my personal strengths and to deal with weaknesses that can hold me back.

Discover Your Work Personality with TypeFinder Assessment Test!

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Should You Take the TypeFinder Personality Test?

At the cost of as low as $29, the TypeFinder personality test can become one of many essential tools for discovering your ideal career.

If you have taken the Career Surveyor test, you’ll get a report on a certain aspect of your work personality. But it isn’t as comprehensive and practical as the TypeFinder report.

I had taken the Career Surveyor career test before I took the TypeFinder personality assessment test. Now I can play around with my work personality and my occupational interest to further validate my career options.

To get an answer to your job stress, I’d recommend you to invest your time and money for both the Typefinder personality inventory and the Career Surveyor test.

Take the TypeFinder Personality Test Now!


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