Truity career testThe Truity career test is a product of Truity, a California-based provider of personality and career tests.

The Truity mission is to make high-quality, scientifically validated personality and interest tests available to everyone who wants to benefit from the assessments.

The company offers a range of free and low-cost online personality and interest tests.

All their assessments address the needs of students and professionals who want to get more insight about who they are and their career options.

What is Career Surveyor?

Career Surveyor is the Truity career test. It’s a comprehensive, scientifically validated career test that will help you explore your best career choice.

It’s comprehensive in a sense that you’ll receive a whole lot deeper test report than just a career overview. If you want to know how comprehensive the test report is, just take a look at my test report below.

A scientifically validated test means the test measures what it claims to measure. In the case of career test, Career Surveyor is a valid measuring device for discovering the best career path.

The Career Surveyor measures two areas: your interests and your personality.

The interest part of the test follows the Holland codes system or the RIASEC model, which measures 6 interest areas: Building, Thinking, Creating, Helping, Persuading, and Organizing.

And the personality part adopts the Big Five model, which takes a look at five dimensions of personality: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Resilience.

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How the Truity Career Test Works

Career Surveyor comes in with 138 questions, and it will take 30-40 minutes to complete.

Each question represents a specific task or activity. There are three interest levels: dislike, neutral, and like–with five choices. You have to put a mark in the right box for your interest level.

Have a look at the example below to understand how the test works.

Truity career test

Show your level of interest by checking an appropriate box. If your interest is in between neutral and like, just check the fourth box.

To improve the accuracy of your test result, make sure you focus on your level of interest for each question–whether you would enjoy doing it or not.

The last 30 questions are different from the earlier ones. Each question is a statement that needs a response based on how accurate it is to you. There are three levels of accuracies: inaccurate, neutral, and accurate–with five choices.

For example, when you have to response to a statement, you have to put a mark on a box that you judge is the most accurate. If you think the “I feel comfortable around people” statement is accurate, just check the box on the right.

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My Truity Career Test Result

I took the Career Surveyor Test for about 29 minutes and got a very comprehensive report containing five sections plus an introduction.

The first three sections reported my top (primary) interest area, additional (secondary) interest areas, and a list of careers to explore.

The test report went further than just providing top careers that match my interest profile. It also showed statistics about the ten fastest growing careers and the ten highest earning careers that were relevant to my career profile.

The fourth section reported my work personality, related to my personality strengths and potential challenges.

This section also showed a recommendation for making the most of my personality. They were interacting with others, managing tasks, engaging with the world, using your mind, and responding to stress.

The last section suggested me to do some more research into the careers that might be right for me. It also provided tips on what to look for and what to avoid when exploring my career options.

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My Opinion About the Truity Career Test

Career Surveyor is career test that help me discover my ideal career by knowing my interests and personality.

The career test has reported my career interest areas and the top careers that match my interest profile. But that’s not all.

Career Surveyor has also shown my unique personality traits and how they determine my job satisfaction.

Discover Your Ideal Career by Taking the Truity Work Test!

Is the Truity Career Test Right for You?

The Career Surveyor costs as low as $29. But you can take the test and see a sample of your results for free. If you feel the report is a worthy document for a further career exploration, then purchase your full report.

The Career Surveyor didn’t just report a list of ideal careers. It gave me options to help narrow down my career choices based on my preference.

If you want to check and recheck your personal assessment, Career Surveyor is the way to go.

It’s a scientific tool for you to validate your natural tendencies for certain works so you can be more confident in pinpointing the second career you want to pursue.

Take Career Surveyor the Truity Occupation Test!