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Career Test
All about career tests

Personality Tests
Guide to understanding who you are and your future directions

Career Change Advisor
Info about your career change advisor

Ten Hottest Careers
Ten hottest career report from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Setting Personal Goal
Site Map for balancing your life and career

  • Mission Statement Example
    Tip on writing your personal mission statement
  • Motivational Quote
    List of motivational quote you may need during your career search
  • Goals
    When you commit to set your own goals you’ll forced yourself to look inside to find what matters most to your personal and professional life.
  • Set Goals
    As you start to set goals for yourself you need to have a system that can help you plan and act on your goals. The Kolb’s model is the tools that enable you to reach these goals.
  • Goal Setting
    In personal goal setting you need to think about specific things you want to accomplish in your lifetime.
  • Setting Personal Goals
    When it comes to setting personal goals, your personal power creates the inner confidence to know that you can do anything you want to do.
  • Successful Goal Setting
    Attitudes, beliefs and behaviors determine a successful goal setting. When you positively change the key elements you open the doors to new possibilities.
  • Self Help Motivation
    If you have the right goals, self help motivation is the only thing you need to achieve these goals.
  • Self Improvement
    A self improvement strategy that has been proven to be effective in setting and achieving goals are using a coach in each important area of your life.
  • Personal Coach
    A personal coach will work with you to help you recognize, realize, and achieve your goals, expectations, and dreams.
  • Personal Growth
    Researchers found that negative emotions, and bad thoughts hamper personal growth and lead to many physical ailments.

Personal Budgeting
How to do personal budgeting for career changers

Graduate Degree
Why you should consider a graduate degree

Career Change Resumes
Tips on writing resumes created for applying jobs in a different career field or industry.

Part Time Jobs
About taking part time jobs as stepping stones for changing careers.

Professional Certification
Discover how a professional certification can help you smooth out a career transition.

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