pre-employment testingPre-employment testing is part of screening employment processes for screening job applicants.

The tests may include general types like aptitude and personality, and job-specific abilities like language proficiency and physical ability. There are still other screening processes such as drug testing and background check but we won’t cover those tests here.

Different employers may apply different hiring processes. You may already know they use job tests, interviews, reference checks, employees’ referrals and other methods.

Employers prefer pre-employment testing to other methods. The reason is they accurately predict the qualifications of a job applicant–whether he or she can perform on the job. For that reason, pre-employment testing plays a central role in the employers’ hiring decisions.

Pre-Employment Testing Practice for Real Test Preparation

If you’re in the market for a job there are many things you will want to do to get that job. One of them is preparing for your real employment tests.

You may want to know types of tests conducted by your prospective employers for screening job applicants. Another one is checking whether they administer paper testing, online tests or both.

Based on that info make sure you invest time and money for taking the practice tests. The easy way to do this is to take online practice tests.

There are many test providers offering different types of pre-employment tests for practices. All you need to do is find a reputable one or two that offers reliable and valid test practices.

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3 Common Pre-Employment Tests for Practice

Pre-Employment Testing Practice and PreparationTestPrep-Online (TPO) has helped people achieve their career goals with their preparation materials that can be accessed online. The 3 popular pre-employment tests are Personality Test Preparation, Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Practice and Mechanical Aptitude Practice.

Each test kit allows you to take two practice modes: timed and untimed. While the timed mode enables you to feel the real-time pressure, the ‘step by step’ (untimed) lets you to read the explanations while taking the test.

Just have a look at what you can do with each test and then take the test(s) that would help you prepare for your next pre-employment testing:

1. Personality Test. This preparation package includes a 233-question personality profiling test and an analysis of 34 traits. Make sure you fill in your specific occupation and honestly answer all test items to get your personalized detailed report. You can also get info about your specific position as well as tips on how to approach the real pre-employment test.

2. Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. The practice kit has two tests: 50 questions, 12-minute tests and 3 pretests, with 30 questions and 8-minute time limit each. This kit resembles the real Wonderlic Coginitive Ability tests, administered online. Once finished you’ll get a detailed score report. You will want to read the answer explanations and the different question types because those are ones you will meet in the real test.

3. Mechanical Aptitude Test. The practice tests pack covers a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and spatial concepts that appear in the Bennett, Wiesen and other popular mechanical aptitude tests. The test pack consists of hundreds of questions to help familiarize yourself with various types of questions and test structure. Simply take the tests, get confident and achieve a high score in a real test.

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Things to Do When Taking Pre-Employment Testing

1. Set the test taking environment to mimic the real situation. Ideally take a paper-based test if the real test requires you to do so. But if that’s impractical you can take an online practice test with the same time limit.

2. Carefully read the test instructions before starting to do any test. I happened to re-do a test because I thought that I had already been familiar with the test and abruptly did it without reading the instructions. Don’t make that kind of mistake.

3. Study all you want to know about the test. This will include test structure, types of questions and test reports. You want to check the wrong answers and learn why you made such a mistake. If time limit doesn’t allow you to answer all questions find ways to speed up the solving process.

1) Practice a Personality Test

2) Practice a Wonderlic Test

3) Practice an Aptitude Test

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