Tired of your job or threatened by a fading occupation? Take a look at how Midlife career change can help you. Career change at mid-life is a good option if you aren’t happy with your work.

You are not alone. There are people like you who are looking for a new career. And ways out are ready to be found by those who really want to succeed with their career move.

The following career change advice can shed light on those options.

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Are You Ready for a Midlife Career Change?

midlife career changeAt middle age you may realize that your needs have changed than ones you once had.

What was essential, like the needs of social status and meeting the expectations of significant others, are now becoming less important. The time is just right for you to build a more meaningful second half of your life. It’s now or never because you won’t get a second chance.

But changing careers are not an easy feat.

If you are already a “success” you may feel trapped in your past. Salary, years of experience, lifestyle and habits are things that will hold you back. So with the heavy “baggage”, would you still want to start your career all over again?

If you still want to start a new career read on to get some ideas to explore your options.

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Midlife Career Change Ideas

1. Know your values and missions. Knowing what are important to you and align them to your mission will lead you to job satisfaction. If you love outdoor and you want to make the world a better place to live chances are an environmental activist is a career you’re looking for.

2. Find your passions. Take a look at all activities that you enjoy doing. Do you see a specific pattern? If not, take a career interest survey to get to know your career profile. The test may report a list of careers ranked based on your preference.

3. What are your talents? Make a list of that tasks you can do naturally. If you want to go deeper take aptitude tests to get an insight on how you perform on certain tasks.

4. What type of person are you? Work personality is about how you behave in a job. A Myers Briggs Type Indicator test is a good tool to find careers that are right for your personality.

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Midlife Career Change Strategies

Once you have documented all your options follow them up with a plan. Good planning allows you to avoid stressful, unnatural mid-career change process.

All you need to do is use the tips below and make your career adoption process a fulfilling life experience.

1. Create a career change plan. Career planning is the first step of your career change. It’s like starting over from the beginning, when you searched your first job, but now for your second career.

2. Balance your work and life. Good career management helps you get a desirable career and family relationship. You can stay close to family and have your career too.

3. Find ways to compete with younger applicants. If you are a woman, learn about careers for older women where age factor is irrelevant. Learn also how to gain competitive advantages over younger job applicants.

4. Follow your passion and you’ll get a perfect career. Will it work that way? My changing career advice answers that question.

5. Make a drastic career change. Career change in itself is difficult. It requires our bold attempt to enter a new field. If you’d like to follow a higher risk route you may want to learn about how to change career fields.

6. Make a checklist of your progress. Intimidated by your own midlife career change plan? If so, monitor your progress. My career advice shows you how to do it.

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