career test for getting a second career

Career test is a tool used to identify ideal careers.

There are different tests that try to get information about yourself. The common ones check your aptitudes, personalities, interests and values. But you can also find job-specific assessments.

If you’re looking for a new career you can learn about your options by taking different tests. You can interpret the reports yourself or take them to a career counselor for advice.

When you’re in the market for a job, there are employment test practices that help you get prepared for a real employment test.

If you’re looking to take an occupation test, those are just the two of them. There are many more. But people often confuse with the career test term.

Name of Tests Confusion

When searching for career tests on Google I often find conflicting terms show up on different websites. I guess most of the website owners don’t really know what they are talking about.

But that’s not all. Online test providers also use the wrong, popular words just for the sake of directing searchers to their sites.

So before you’re taking any career test make sure you know its key terms. Below you can find some of the tests for you to get to know about your career options.

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Types of Career Tests

1. Career aptitude tests identify how you do specific tasks or react to different situations. This popular test reports your talents and natural abilities. But be careful when choosing one. I found a lot of test providers and big media use the “aptitude” word even when their tests are far from aptitude-based assessments.

2. Career personality tests evaluate how you behave in your work. This isn’t the general personality test you often find on teen magazines or websites. And career personality tests like MBTI are probably the most widely used tests.

3. Career interest tests help you recognize an occupation that you are passionate about. Interest surveys are another approach for spotting the right career. This interest inventory test gets a lot of followers because they believe it can lead them to a long-term job satisfaction and a fulfilling life.

4. Career assessment tests help determine your career values. Such a test tries to show and rank your most important values. For example, if health is your important value, naturally you won’t be interested in working in a tobacco industry.

5. Career quiz is fun or light test that only covers career overviews. The test is mostly for fun and you don’t want to include it in your career test documents.

6. Pre-employment practice tests let you practice employment tests before you go to real tests. The practice tests may start from general types, like aptitude and personality, to job-specific ones such as a language skill.

There are also other career-specific tests such as entrepreneur tests. But the above assessments almost cover all career and employment tests.

Now let’s have a look at how a career test can help you.

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How a Career Test Helps You Find Your Strengths

Personal strengths are a blend of talent, interest, aptitude, personality, values and personal mission. And uncovering personal strengths are the first step to getting the best career. But most people find the discovery process is quite challenging.

Some are lucky to find their dream careers at their teenage. But some others struggle to find their true career at 40 or 50.

The first group may identify their careers as obvious and natural. Unfortunately, the later might only find skills that are far from a major strength.

If you’re lucky enough to find your ideal career when you’re still young, you advanced tools in order to discover your best career.

But that is not the case if you belong to the later. To validate your career choice, you’ll have to conduct a self assessment. You’ll also have to take several career assessments, which include aptitude, interest and personality tests.

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Holiday Plan and Career Plan

The following analogy lets you know the power of career assessments.

How did you plan your two-week holiday? Did you include a budget, time schedule, and a detailed checklist in your plan?

How about your career plan? Did you plan your career like you planned the holiday?

If you’re serious about your two-week holiday I bet you would want to give more effort to your career. Remember, if you can succeed with your holiday you can too with your career change.

Now that you know different career tests, it’s time to read my reviews and take some tests.

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Take a Career Surveyor Test

The Career Surveyor is a comprehensive career test that is easy to take. It combines interest survey and work personality so you will get suggestions that are not too far from the result of your self-assessment.

The test comes in with 138 questions and it’ll take 40 minutes to complete.

The first group of questions represents tasks or activities to check your level of interest, and the second one contains statements that you have to answer based on how accurate you think it describes yourself.

The Career Surveyor test reports your career interest areas and the top careers that suit your interest profile. The report will also show your unique personality traits and how they affect your job satisfaction.

Career Surveyor is scientific career test that can help you pinpoint your ideal career more confidently.

Take the Career Surveyor Test and Get a New Career!


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