career personality test

Career personality test reveals occupation-related personality to understand how you behave in your job. A psychological test for career explorations allows you to learn about your work characteristics. The assessment can give you insight into what future career to pursue and how you operate best at work — career and personality match.

Employers have relied on psychological tests to pinpoint each employee personality match with one’s job. For example, employers won’t assign a person with sales personality into an accounting position since the nature of each profession requires a distinctive job character.

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Personality Tests for Career Choices

As an individual you’ll be more productive when you understand the tasks that give your greatest job satisfaction. Combine this with an understanding of the characteristics of others plus the impact you can have on them, you will create better relationships and gain more satisfaction from life.

An online personality test will report your career qualities and occupations you’ll likely succeed in. It also shows you a wide spectrum of psychological traits at work including strengths, weaknesses, styles, optimal environments, and other in-depth characteristics.

For choosing a career, make sure you enhance the test result with the reports you can get from career aptitude tests and career interest tests. This way helps you see career options from different point of views.

Just take a printable test to get a guidance about the type of work environment that is most suited to your personality.

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely used assessment tool that try to match personality type and career. The test instrument was developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs to help people decide what types of occupation they would be good at.

Myers and Briggs started the test by studying people who had careers they enjoyed and were successful in to find the correlation between their personality types and their careers. By giving the test to many of people they could build a valid and reliable model for matching Personality Type to Careers.

There are sixteen unique personality types in the MBTI system. The MBTI instrument identifies preferences and does not measure trait, ability, or character. You can expect that each type has its preferred career list.

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Truity’s Typefinder Career Personality Test

TypeFinder is a career personality test developed by Truity. The basis of Type Finder assessment test is the theory of the above sixteen personality types.

Truity developed the Typefinder for more than two years. They tested the psychometric questionnaire to over than 100,000 volunteers.

The idea is with a small fee you can take a real career personality test, and get a comprehensive report that is easy to understand.

Just take the test to learn about your four-letter type, such as ESFJ or INTP, to discover your personal strengths and get the vital info for planning your career.

Get a full report of your TypeFinder career personality test result


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