Good career management helps you get both desirable career advancement and family relationship. By balancing life and career you can stay close to family and have your career too.

The question is how to manage the two areas of your life that sometimes go to different directions.

Is this saying applies to you: “when running after two rabbits you’ll end up losing both of them?” Fact is the saying is not always true because you can learn and practice prioritizing the two life’s areas. You don’t have to sacrifice your dream career for family needs or vice versa.

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Life and Career Management Tips

If you’re confronted with family and career balance, try following these steps to find out the answers you need:

  • Are you ready to have a family? If you plan to have a family you may want to anticipate what you might meet in the future. A family life means: children, spending time together, and support. There is a risk that you might neglect your family while focusing on your career advancement. So, don’t follow the next steps unless you are ready.
  • Incorporate your daily work and life into your daily plan. You can do this, for example, by sharing work problems at home. This seems contradictory to popular advice. However, your family can help with your work because they love you and will give the best possible advice.
  • Try getting some work home. To have a career you have to work harder. When waiting for your promotion, you will have lots of unplanned work to do. If you stay and finish it all at the office, your family will barely see you. By taking some work home at least they will be happy knowing you are next to them, even if you are busy.
  • Keeping a warm atmosphere at home. When there is respect and trust among family members you will be able to share your work stresses and get help from other family members. This atmosphere builds your energy in the morning so that you will leave home contentedly and as a result your daily tasks will be a lot easier.
  • What is the meaning of being promoted? When you get a promotion, discuss all of its consequences to family members. Does it mean more work? Should you move? A collective decision-making with your family strengthens familial ties. They want to see you succeed in your career. But more importantly, they want to contribute to your success in career and family.

With good career management there is no conflicting interest between career and family as long as you can serve both family and career needs without sacrificing one or another.

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