career assessment tests

Career assessment tests help determine your career values. Aligning career values with your work and environment are essential for career satisfaction and success. For that reason, knowing work values are as important as aptitudes, personality and interests.

Whether you hire a career counselor or you do career assessments on your own you will need to take career value tests too. Ideally you want to go to a career counselor with that value test report. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a counselor you can take the career test for conducting self-evaluation.

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Free Career Assessment Tests

Free career assessment tests can offer you general ideas about your work values. What are free career assessments that suit your needs? Just take some free career tests and get the reports. If you discover a high degree of career compatibility between your own examination and the test reports chances are you receive good test reports.

Even though the focus of a free career assessment is on work value, you’ll find that service providers also provide useful free career tests as well as other type of paid career assessments, which are endorsed by some career experts.

Take some free career assessments to discover general information about yourself. If you’re not satisfied with the results you don’t need to buy their paid tests. But you may want to deepen your career self assessment with a paid test if you find that your free test result offers valuable information.

Tips for Taking Career Assessment Tests

It’s important for you to take more than one career assessments because they will improve the accuracy of the test reports. Using many test results you’ll be able to check the consistency between one and another career recommendation. If a career choice is suggested several time by different test results chances are the career is worth your consideration.

Some test providers offer career value tests together with other career tests such as work personality, occupational interest, and competencies. Their services usually cover all aspect of career assessment testing: work values, natural abilities, interest inventories, and work personality.

Which career assessment provider is the best? I can’t find research that justifies the best career compatibility evaluation but I can help you find some providers that deliver test results close to my opinion about myself.

Knowdell Career Values Card Sort

The Career Values Card Sort, by Richard Knowdell, can offer you fun and easy way to find the your work values. With an original form is physical card sort consists of a deck of 54 cards, this tool has been used by thousands of career seekers around the world. Since 2012 the tool has also been offered in the virtual Career Values Cards form.

Using the virtual Career Values Cards Sort you can learn about your career values and rank their importance. Based on that information you can check different career options. For example, if the result shows the most important thing in your life is family and work life balance you will want to pick a career that allow you to live with those values.

The test will take you about 5 minutes to finish and you’ll get a picture of your most important values, one of four elements that figure out your perfect job.

Take Career Assessment Tests and discover how your values affect your career.

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