Looking for a new career? Why not try one of many work at home careers and enjoy work and life balance? If you like the idea of working at home and your career test reports support your interests then a home-based career is a great career choice.

There are many ways for you to make a living, working at home. One way is working as a salaried employee from a business that doesn’t need your presence at their physical office. Another way is setting up a micro or small business as a self employer. Which approach is better for you?

Read on to find out which home-based career will work for your specific situation. But most importantly, you need to actually act on your findings.

Work at Home Careers for a Career Change

work at home careersHome-based careers are a good starting point for either building your own life or may be for building a strong second income base. Below you’ll learn several do-able ideas if you prefer to work from home to earn a living. And here are the ways…

  1. Sell your services. People will pay for skills you posses, if they cannot do it by themselves or they feel it’s cheaper to pay you for your service than to spend the time to do it on their own.
  2. Represent products of others. As an affiliate you can collect commissions without having to manufacture a product, process an order, ship a thing, or answer customer support e-mails.
  3. Sales Agents/Reps/Distributors. Do you represent great products, either for sale (from printing equipment to ice cream makers) and/or rent (from apartments to heavy equipment)? Now you can do it at home with your prospects generating website.
  4. Network Marketers/Multi-Level Marketers. Imagine if you could build your own unique site that attracted warm leads to call you? You don’t need to chase leads anymore.
  5. Digital product Creators. Are you a programmer with a unique software idea? Or maybe a photographer with collections of digital photos? You can sell anything that can be digitized.

What to do then?

First, select one alternative or two as work at home careers as long as you know and love the service you have to offer your target audience. Then master communication skill as your core business skill because the way you craft words and pictures to relay your message determines your success or failure.

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3 Good Reasons for Pursuing Work at Home Careers

No matter how you look at your current situation, a home career will always give choices:

  • You want to spend more time with your family by providing services and/or goods from home. Start part-time and build until you can drop your “day job.”
  • You are a work-at-home mom or dad. Work from home is probably your “best career choice”.
  • You are house-bound because of being disabled or because of having to care for a disabled family member. In this situation work at home careers are your only option.

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