No matter what tips on writing a resume you will use, inflating your experience is surely not the way to win a job interview. Sure, the job market can be a very tough place to compete. And “everybody does inflate it” as they say.

Well, as tempting as it may be, you do NOT want to risk lying on your résumé. Whether it’s personal information, job experience, or schooling – employers are finding new ways to sniff out liars and you don’t want to be one of them.

Personal Information

While some information may not be easily verified, information such as a criminal record, can be very costly to you in the event it is checked out. You can never guarantee that an employer won’t be able to find the information, even if your employer is hiring you for domestic work and is not a business.

Job Experience

Clearly this is not the place to boast about fake employment as you are going to list the businesses you worked for which may be contacted for verification. As this is the most likely area your interviewer will do a check on, avoid misrepresenting yourself at all costs.


Think that nobody will notice if you slip in an education you don’t really have? Perhaps you do have the skills, but you can’t afford to claim education you can’t offer proof of. There are online resources that will allow employers to have background checks — similar to criminal or credit checks — to verify your claim.

What You Should Have

With all that said and done, how can you create a résumé that will highlight your skills and abilities without needing to lie?

  • Give yourself credit. Your skills in the workforce can be weighty indicators of your ability to work in a given job. You may not know what an employer is looking for. With many jobs that don’t need a particular expertise, you many find that they are looking for people who are able to learn on the job. Proof that you have gained skills as a worker can be very valuable.
  • Be certain that you focus on skills. Expand your descriptions. Do not say ‘I worked in an office’. Rather say ‘I was responsible for answering the phones in a professional way and directing calls to the proper departments. In a busy work environment I was able to multi-task by providing supportive administrative assistance to the head receptionist including maintaining a filing system, and processing inter office memos.

As you can see from the above example, it is perfectly acceptable to elaborate on your skills, but do so in an honest and ethical way.

If you need help you can find software programs which will give you suggestions on wording, depending on the position you are describing. Alternatively, you can hire someone who writes resumes to help you.

Here’s the summary of the above tips on writing a resume. Have confidence in keeping the job you are sure to get by doing it right the first time.

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