The Occupational Outlook Handbook of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) offers lists of ten hottest careers. These lists are good for brainstorming ideas related to what career to pursue based on job market trends.

One way to use the lists is to compare them with your career tests results. Compare the careers suggested by the career assessment reports with the employment trends. The approach can boost your confidence level in choosing a career.

top ten hottest careersFor the purpose of career planning let’s use 2 lists of top ten careers. These are two group of careers with the fastest percentage growth and the largest numerical growth, with the 2012 median pay at least $55,000.

Ten Hottest Careers by Fastest Percentage Growth

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (2014) reports the followings top ten careers have the fastest percentage growth for at least bachelors’ degree holders for 2012-2022 that enjoy at least 10% projected growth rate ($55,000 to $75,000 median pay):

1. Accountant and auditors
2. Civil engineers
3. Computer and information systems managers
4. Computer systems analysts
5. Cost estimators

6. General and operations managers
7. Management analysts
8. Market research analysts and marketing specialists
9. Medical and health services managers
10. Personal financial advisors

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Ten Hottest Careers by Largest Numerical Growth

The following top careers list is occupations that have the largest numerical growth for 2012-2022 for bachelor’s degree holders and that have projected number of 10,000 new jobs or more (at least $55,000 median pay):

1. Information security analysts
2. Market research analysts and marketing specialists
3. Civil engineers
4. Computer systems analysts
5. Cost estimators

6. Logisticians
7. Medical and health services managers
8. Operations research analysts
9. Personal financial advisors
10. Social and community service managers
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3 Career Clusters to Watch

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, healthcare is the fastest growing occupations in the economy. The aging of the baby-boom generation is a major contributor to the rapid growth of healthcare industry. However, the rising healthcare costs make some types of works are being delegated to lower paid workers.

The second fastest growing careers is the construction occupational group. As the economy recovers from the recession, demand for construction workers increase. A large number of organizations need schools, hospitals, apartment buildings or repair existing buildings, roads, and bridges.

Another industry or occupational group worth your consideration is computer or information technology careers. Although we cannot see them on the tables IT jobs have high employment growth both in percentage and in numerical increases.

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Ten Hottest Careers and Career Explorations

Now you may have come up with ideas related to what careers you want to know more. However, if you can’t create a list of perfect careers using the above top ten hottest careers, the following lists can offer you different options or directions:

  1. You can use these top ten careers lists to help choose the best career.
  2. Want to balance work and life? Consider trying work at home careers.
  3. Are you an MBA graduate or a finance professional? Careers with hedge funds are among the high-paying careers you may want to consider.
  4. Have a good investment acumen and like to work in an entrepreneurial setting? Chances are careers in private equity are suitable for you.
  5. Speechwriter career information is for you, if you like working with both words and high-profile executives.
  6. Are you a visual learner who tends to think in pictures? If so, visual communication careers are a good option to take into account.
  7. If you have good computer skills and are able to work in multiple mediums try to have a look at computer aided publishing careers.
  8. A network administration career is a perfect IT career if you love to administer communications among computers.
  9. If you are a licensed nurse who loves to travel, you’ll love travel nursing career.
  10. Want to span your horizon? You may want to read the best careers for the future and discover your perfect occupation.

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