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Career Books
Links to career related books

Job Interview Tip
Article on how to project confidence during job interviews

Midlife Career Change
A report on how to prepare for a successful career change

Career Change Articles
Changing career advice for navigating a safer career change

  • Change Your Pretty Life
    This article is useful if your obstacle is always waiting for the best opportunity to come by your life
  • Career Transitions
    Offer strategies to overcome negative behaviors that hold you back from living the lives you really want to live
  • Career Transition
    Offer strategies to lessen your feelings of uncertainty and disorient because you swap out the old and familiar for something new and unknown
  • Combination Resume Tips
    Tips on writing a combination resume for career changers
  • Golf Career
    Just like any other passion such as painting, hockey, writing or cycling, a career in golf can end up being the job of a lifetime.


Resource Directory
The resource directory is links to other sites related to career or job issues as well as career change related alternatives.

  • Glossary
    Glossary of career change related terms

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