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Employment Second Interview Questions

Based on the way the interview conducted there are two types of employment second interview questions and answers session: structured interviews and unstructured interviews.

  • In a structured interview every interviewer uses a specific criteria to assess you. One interviewer may ask questions related to your educational background and related experience. Another person may assess your computer skills and accounting skills, for example.If you’re directed to this interview type, focus all of your answers on specific qualities the employer is seeking.
  • It’s an unstructured interview if the questions demands broad answers and are similar from one interviewer to another. In the interview, your answers may be similar but you’ll suit your answers to each interviewer needs.I’ll use this popular question in interview. Why should I hire you?To immediate supervisor you may say you have the necessary skills to get the job done. But you may put more weight on your qualities and potential for advancement to answer top executives. So, suit your answers to each interviewer’s goals.

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Questions to Ask During Second Job Interviews

As with the first job interview, prepare questions to ask your interviewers at the employment second interview questions and answers session. So, when it comes to your turn to ask questions you’re ready with a handful of questions.

Ask several clarifications questions similar to the first interview but you need to go deeper in your priority areas. For example, you want to work with an organization that put a high value on efforts and competencies.

Ask about the company’s most important value and how they incorporate it into your first six-month performance appraisal. The answer may help you probe how the company breathes the value to the entire organization.

A company with a strong corporate culture aligns their daily operation with their human resource systems.

Once you’ve done with the employment second interview questions and answers session remember to write an interview thank you letter. But this time you may want to put emphasis on specific qualities you offer and your cultural fits to the organization.

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