Sample sales resume you’ll find here is an example of resume that get noticed by recruiter while s/he is sorting out pile of resumes. It isn’t resume for changing career but it’s provided here as a comparison with career change resumes. If you have been several years selling your employer’s products and services, you’ll naturally treat your résumé like a sales letter.

One part of your résumé that acts as a specific product description is your résumé objective statement or professional objective statement.

The objective statement of sample sales resume plays a headline function of sales letter. It will determine whether the recruiter will continue to read your résumé or sort it out to a thrash can. State your achievements as clearly and concisely as possible with your prospective employer’s needs in mind.

These résumé objective examples provides a guideline on how to build professional objective statement. Study it to write a résumé that attracts the hiring manager. You can strengthen your selling proposition by giving a specific solution to your prospective employer’s problem.

For example, from your research you find out that your potential employer needs to develop its market share in a certain geographic area and you know this area well. You may want to write that you aspire to work in a company that plans to improve its market position in the selected geographic area. With this kind of offering you show the hiring manager that you’re able to give a tailor-made solution not offered by other candidates.

Once you finish with “the headline,” back up your claims with clear and concise achievements. You may study the details in the following sample sales resume.

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A Sample Sales Resume

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An Advertising Sales Management position that will utilize acquired experience and commitment to excellence. Desire a position with senior position potential.


Performance-driven sales professional with 7 years of experience in building and maintaining strong market presence in newspaper industry. Outstanding record of achievement in key corporate accounts growth and market share leadership in spite of highly competitive markets.

Track record of developing advertising sales, client relations and needs assessment, and improving sales team performance. Skilled in coaching and mentoring, and a quick learner who grasp and put into application new learned ideas and concepts. Self starter and innovative person who is able both to work independently and as part of a team to accomplish company objectives.


ABC Corporation, Anycity, USA, XXXX – present
Corporate Account Manager
Oversee all corporate sales function, including key account management, customer relationship development, price and contract negotiations and order fulfillment. Hold revenue target and budget responsibilities. Provide sales management team training, coaching and mentoring to 10sales persons. Develop and implement sales programs for new corporate accounts with a focus on building online ads sales channel.


  • Exceeded sales quotas by 35% throughout tenure, averaging $8 million in annual sales and earning several awards in recognition of performance.
  • Turning around an underperformed sales team by improving team work and motivation, resulting in 320% revenue increase over two years.

XYZ Corporation, Anywhere, USA, XXXX – XXXX
Retail Account Manager
Oversee retail advertising sales segment and client relations and needs assessment, contract negotiations and order fulfillment. Managed total annual sales of $5 million. Responsible for retail advertising sales development, new market identification and development, and sales team building. Develop and implement sales plans for new retail accounts with a focus on building customer database for sales program refinement.


  • Increased retail sales by 220% through continuous sales people training and team building
  • Team consistently ranked #1 in company sales achievement for 3 consecutive years.

Bachelor of Arts (BA), XXXX – Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois

Professional Courses
Dale Carnegie Sales Training
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Account Management Selling
Leadership and Team Building
Effective Negotiation
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

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