Sample cover letter you’ll find here is a sample of resume cover page for job application letters. The résumé cover letter example isn’t cover letters for career changers but it’s provided here as a comparison to career changing sample cover letters.

Before writing a targeted cover letter and resume, you may want to research your prospective employer. Find out at least the hiring manager name and the job description. But You’ll be better off if you understand its corporate culture, past performance, and goals for the future.

If your prospective employer is a public company find out its annual report and study it carefully. If it isn’t a public company you may find pertinent information from its website, company profile and other promotional materials.

Armed with the company information, think not only how you’re an excellent match to the job opening but also how you’re different from other applicants. So back up your claims with examples of your relevant past success in the form of targeted resume cover letter’s evidences list.

Once you have all the above knowledge you can study the following sample cover letter tips to understand the construction of resume cover letters that make an impact.

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Sample Cover Letter or Cover Page Format

Your cover page’s ultimate objective is to make a good impression, and together with your résumé, to get called for a first job interview. So, learn the structure of the sample cover letter to understand critical factors seen by recruiters.

First I’ll address the structure of resume cover letter and later I’ll show you how to apply the concept in a free sample cover letter.

Salutation. Address the letter to a specific person — “Dear Mr. Smith:”. If you can’t find the person’s name out, use “Dear Hiring Manager:”.

Opening Paragraph. It isn’t uncommon that hiring managers receive hundreds of resume for every position they are hiring. So state clearly the position you’re applying. You need to include also list of qualifications to point out that you are worthy of passing the first screening.

Body. This is your chance to give more confidence to the hiring manager that you qualify for the job interview. Explain every list of qualifications a bit detail by weaving your company’ needs knowledge, from the company research you’ve conducted, with relevant experience and job interest evidences.

Address the company’s most pressing problem and how you will contribute to solve it — as added benefit offerings.

Closing Paragraph. Point out your strong interest for the job and the possibility of arranging a meeting for a job interview.

Now, pay attention to the above structure and how it’s applied. Once you feel you’re ready, write your own sample resume cover letter and polish it to get your best one.

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