Sample accounting resume provided here is an example of accounting resume that attracts recruiters and lands a job interview. As a chronological resume, the sample isn’t applicable for career changers but it’s provided here for a comparison with career change resumes — resumes for career changers.

As an accounting professional you’re used to collect and analyze a large bunch of data for problem solving and decision making. The process of writing an accounting resume is similar to your typical job activity. But this time you gather and analyze facts to solve your potential employer’s problems.

Suppose the accounting resume is a letter that accompanies your proposal to management suggesting your company’s business process efficiency. How do you convince the decision maker to support your idea?

Do you grasp the concept? You may apply the suggestion letter’s structure you use to solve current employer problems into your accounting resume.

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How to Write an Accounting Resume

As a start, the professional objective statement is like the problem solving objective of your letter. It should state what you are going to achieve.

For example, from your prospective employer research you find out that it needs a modern accounting system and you’re an expert in this area. You may write that you aspire to work in a company that plans to modernize its accounting system.

With this way of thinking you show the recruiter that you’re a proactive person who anticipate potential employer concerns with a tailored made solution.

Since your resume “headline” would provide attraction guarantee to the hiring manager, your next task is to strengthen “your proposal” by backing up your claims with clear and concise achievements, as you can see in the following sample accounting resume.

Now you’re ready to study the following sample accounting resume as your free resume builder, sample or example.

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A Good Sample Accounting Resume

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An Accounting Manager position that will utilize acquired experience and commitment to excellence. Desire a position with senior position potential.

Result-oriented professional with 7 years of experience in all aspects of accounting management. Outstanding record of achievement in planning and implementation several company’s projects to ensure company growth in a highly competitive market. Skilled in team building and facilitated an atmosphere to balance high-level of competencies with optimum productivity.

Self starter and organized individual who is able both to work independently and as part of a team to accomplish company objectives. Effective communicator who directs people actions toward achieving company’s goals. Computer literate.

ABC Corporation, Anywhere, USA, XXXX – present
Accounting Manager
Oversee all areas of financial reporting from review of account entry to budget preparation, including accounting, contract administration, and administrative support. Provide accounting management team training, coaching and mentoring to staff of 9. Develop and implement accounting programs for new accounting system with a focus on preparing infrastructure for company’s growth.


  • Reengineer procedures to ensure compliance with government accounting requirements
  • Create jobs descriptions through the design and documentation of accounting procedures
  • Develop administrative infrastructure to support company’s growth from staff of 24 with sales $ 7 million to staff of 50 with sales of $15 million in 3 years

XYZ Corporation, Anywhere, USA, XXXX – XXXX
Senior Accountant
Develop audit plans, evaluate accounting operations, and coordinate all field work for this accounting firm. Recruit, direct, and train new staff accountants. Delegate assignments and evaluate staff performance. Prepare tax returns and conduct tax research for C and S status corporations. Evaluate and document all accounting systems.


  • Present seminar proposing strategies to maximize tax savings opportunities.

B.A. Degree: Accounting, XXXX – Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois

Professional Courses
Continuing education to maintain CPA license
Accounting and Auditing Update
Leadership and Team Building
BAAN and Peachtree
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

sample accounting resume

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