Sales resume for a teacher career change is a résumé for teachers aspiring to change career to sales profession.

If teaching is your current profession and you want to change career to a sales job, how to apply the above knowledge to write a career change resume?

Here’s how…

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Writing Career Change Resume for Teachers

As a teacher you may have skills and experience as follows:

  • Student-Centered Learning Experience
  • Student Evaluation & Assessment Experience
  • Student Motivation Experience

Now you recreate the above functional skill headings, like:

  • Client-Centered Selling Experience
  • Client Evaluation & Assessment Experience
  • Client Motivation Experience

Under each of the above headings, you may include all your related experiences from all the relevant jobs. And here are the reasons why you need to change the above headings.

In the first heading, as a Teacher, you worked with students as your clients. In the same way, as a Sales Representative, you will work with your customers.

Next, as a Teacher, you worked on evaluation and assessment of your students. As a Sales Representative, you will be working on evaluation and assessment of your clients.

The third heading gives prospective employers clues on how you sell your ideas to your students and now you will do the same thing with your clients to close a sales transaction.

As a teacher you already have extensive experience in uncovering and responding to complex student needs, which is essential for success in teaching. And with the same soft skills you want to prove that you may succeed in sales as well.

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Sales Resume for a Teacher Career Change

Below is a résumé sample or example you may want to apply for your own resume.

City, State, Zip
Telephone #, E-mail Address


Career objective

Group relevant transferable skills and provide highlight to each skills and achievements that relate to the position you’re applying for


Company Name, Location, Employment Dates
Position Title
Position Description


Name of School
Degree – Month/Year
Honors, Activities

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