My ultimate resume tip for career change is choose and package appropriate transferable skills into your career change resumes. You have to present well-written transferable skills in your resume. This is your only way to get noticed by hiring managers.

Once you know the companies to target for your job search, you want to develop a functional resume based on your transferable skills. Avoid unrelated chronological experiences since they won’t show why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Next, based on the group of skills develop your personal brand by describing proven accomplishments that will add value to the potential employers. If you’re after a management position, balance your technical expertise with business experience throughout your career history.

Finally, provide a quick summary that enhanced the picture of what you bring to the table. You may want to tailor your competencies with recruiter’s keywords to stand yourself out of the crowd and get an interview.

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Another Winning Resume Tip

Your resume is your primary ticket to get called for an interview. But let’s face the fact, it has been reported that experienced job seekers are having a tough time even getting interviews at all. They send out their resume and never get called for the interview. And I’m sure you know: If you can’t get the interview – You will never get the job.

No matter what you do, whether to write yourself or to outsource it to a professional resume writer, the resume writing process itself will grant you with lots of rewards. And if you write your own resume, pay attention to your career or job objective since this part of resume gets first attention from recruiters.

Once you study the general concept of attractive resumes from samples of the career change resume and the resume objective, start writing your own resume.

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Professional Resume Writing Services

If you want to increase your chance of getting an interview, my other resume tip is outsource your resume writing to professional resume writers.

Good resume writing services are worth your time and money. Expert resume writers will provide you a writing package that is precisely crafted to get your foot in the door and improve your opportunity to get you hired.

Once you get a flawless resume you may distribute the perfect resume without being seen by your current employer. You will also improve your chance to get called for an interview since resume distribution companies usually belong to network of employers.

That is my last resume tip. Now, it’s time use all the tips for creating your resume and be ready to get called for a job interview.

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