This resume objective sample lists examples of attractive resume objectives.

Your resume objective is the first thing recruiters will take a look at. They scan your career objective first. For that reason you’ll want to learn about writing career change résumés that are worth their consideration.

A résumé objective statement is a summary of your personal qualifications. If written well it’ll become one of the first qualifiers to win a job interview.

The résumé or career objective statement acts as “a specific product description”, and the product is YOU. It’s like your sales letter headline. It says what you can do for your prospective employer, and it should say this as clearly and concisely as possible.

Resume Objectives That Address Your Employer Needs

But be careful so that you don’t get trapped into writing a résumé objective that tends to be self-centered. You may want to emphasize on how you can add value to your prospective employer. And start the résumé with a power statement that focuses on your transferable skills.

Again, as a career changer your focus is on your transferable skills. If you have related achievements in your current field, you may write reverse chronological experiences.

Additionally, you’d be better off if you have the company’s job description. With the tool, writing resume objective to match the employer’s interests and needs will be easier and more targeted.

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Career Change Resume Objective Examples

To get a higher impact in career change resumes include career objective into qualification summary section. Learn how each of the following resume objective sample or example is crafted:

Accountant to Marketing: Accomplished administrator seeking an entry-level marketing position that will leverage background in operational planning, clients needs assessment, and budgeting. Extremely enthusiastic career changer who eager to contribute to a company’s marketing division.

Engineer to Teaching: Achievement oriented engineer seeking to leverage background in presentation, training, supervisory management and problem solving in an entry-level teaching position. Highly enthusiastic for career change goal and eager to contribute to a school’s teaching division.


Store Manager to Human Resource: Result oriented manager seeking to leverage extensive background in recruitment, employee relations, training and performance appraisal in an entry-level human resources position. Highly motivated to contribute to a company’s HR division.

Manufacturing Supervisor to Customer Service: Accomplished supervisor seeking to leverage background in people management, customer orientation, and productivity and quality management in an entry-level customer service position. Extremely motivated in changing career and eager to contribute to a company’s Customer Service department.

With the reference of your own transferable skills and the above resume objective sample list, try to write yours.

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Resume Objective Sample for Writing a Resume

Learn resume objective statement from several occupations that are close to your job target. Then write your résumé objective as comprehensive as possible to be applicable to a specific target employers.

Once you’re familiar with the above samples of resume objective now learn to write the resume. Use them to write a career change resume.

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