Network administrator career is a perfect IT career for people who love to administer communications among computers. This article covers network administration occupations, allowing you to assess your fit to the career field.

One way to learn about the job of a network administrator career is compare it with a system administrator career. A system administrator deals with the hardware and the software of each computer in a network. A network administrator however, makes sure that each computer can communicate with each other. The system administrator is responsible for data and its availability to the network, but the network administrator manages the data distribution throughout the network.

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Network Administrator Career Paths of Entry

network administrator careerThere are many paths of entry to network administration careers. You’d be better off if you’re a college graduate with up-to-date skills and technologies.

Completion of a certification in certain network software such as Cisco is sometimes required to qualify for entry-level position. But practical experience in technical aspects and people management are essential for a supervisory position.

How to qualify for a network administrator job? You can find many network administration training and education on the internet. Online training and certification offer you flexibility in scheduling and attending class without traveling.

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Network Administrator Career Advancement

An entry-level network administrator job involves routine maintenance and monitoring of network systems.

There is a chance to advance into more senior-level positions with more responsibilities after you have gained some experiences and expertise. Senior network administrators may present proposals to management on network matters. The position also includes network design.

In addition to technical aspects, a network administrator must also have strong problem-solving, analytic and communication skills.

The constant interaction with other computer staff and users requires you to communicate effectively in writing and/or in person. Your writing skill is useful for manual preparation and your oral communication skill is necessary for presenting your recommendations to management.

To stay in front of your field you will need to keep your skills current. For this purpose, simply find available continuing education programs. Employers, vendors and training institutions usually offer such programs. You may also want to attend professional development seminars offered by computing services firms.

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Network Administrator Career Employment

A network administrator works in a range of industriesThe industries are computer systems design, computer manufacturers, semiconductors, electronic components and related products.

You can also find a job in industries with high intensity of information processing. Examples of such industries are banks, government agencies, insurance companies, airlines, media and educational institutions.

Employers of network administrators range from start-up companies to multinational corporations. The wide acceptance of the Internet and telecommunications technology has also attracted low-tech industries to increasingly recruit computer-related workers.

Another employment opportunity of network administrators comes from firms within competitive industries. This is especially true if they want to expand their computer systems for conducting online business. The employers demand employees with network administrator career backgrounds. They are looking for network, data, and communications security specialists who can use information technology to communicate with employees and customers.

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