This is my job interview tip for career changers. You want to confirm what you promised in your career change resume. Show clearly that your service offerings are a perfect fit for the job and the company.

As a personal selling event, a job interview is your precious moment to assure the interviewer that you’re the best person for the job. But your interviewer is likely as nervous about the interview process as you are. She is putting herself on the line with her hiring decision.

So put yourself on her shoes by sympathizing her worries because the risks of hiring misfit. By the time you erase her doubt in you, your confident level will increase significantly. You’ll shine because you can demonstrate why you’re the perfect fit candidate.

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Ways To Get a Second Interview Offer

job interview tipHow do you impress the interviewer and make her believe in you? Here are some job interview tips to complement my best job interview tip:

  1. Research the company. Before the interview, conduct a more thorough research on the company’s products and services, market position, how it’s different from its competitions — as you had initially done before you wrote your resumes. If the employer is a public company, find out the financial report, industry trends, and where it excels. From its annual report or web site discover its vision, mission, values and how it practices them through several news regarding the recent comings and goings of its key people.
  2. Assess your characteristics and application letter. Before the interview, armed with several career test results assess your career objectives, personality, aptitudes, interests and values. Check out which characteristics are suitable and the ones that aren’t compatible to the company’s job openings. Pull out the successful cover letter and resume — the ones that get interview call. Find out which critical qualities attract the employer.
  3. Rehearse common job interview questions and answers. Learn every possible job interview question and answer from the free interview answers sample so you’ll have good answer for each interview question. When preparing for job interview make sure that your answers to questions during the interview will reduce any job misfits perceived by interviewer. Find a friend to practice interviewing role playing with questions and answers to secretarial interviews.
  4. More and more hiring managers adopt behavioral interviews to replace conventional job interviews. You also need to know behavioral interviewing. Learn about these behavioral interview answers and rehearse them by creating your own stories.
  5. Interview Etiquette. During the interview, make yourself comfortable and relax by adopting gestures that are natural to you in the form of natural body language and appropriate eye contact. Be organized also in your dress, manner and handling your paper. Show your confidence and enthusiasm without being arrogant while answering every question asked by the interviewer. Every time you have a chance summarize your degree of “fit” to the job.
  6. Question to Ask at a Job Interview. Once you are expected to ask questions ask about corporate culture, job descriptions, the organization’s goals, performance reviews, career advancement, general compensation, and the next step.
  7. Write a thank you letter after the Interview. No later than 24 hours after the interview, send a thank you letter after interview to your prospective employers. Mention that you thank the interviewer for the interview opportunity and emphasize on how you fit to the job. The letter will become an effective interview thank you letter if you’re remembered as the qualified, highly-motivated candidate. This sample shows you how the letter is structured and written.

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General Job Interview Tips

Practice the above job interviewing techniques many times until you’re really confident anticipating your upcoming interview.

Once you can get through the first interview and are invited to a second interview, study employment second job interview tips for preparing a second job interview.

Also, learn about corporate culture job interview tips because in this hiring step more and more employers implement cultural fit recruitment process to reduce the risk of mismatches between you and their values and expectations.

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