How to write a résumé is all about writing a résumé that attract recruiters. Here you’ll learn what kind of resumes get noticed by recruiter while s/he is sorting out pile of resumes.

Let’s start this résumé writing guide with the resume opening. One part of resume that gets first attention from your prospective employer is your résumé objective statement or professional objective statement.

The objective statement of a résumé plays a letter headline function. It’ll determine whether the recruiter will continue to read your résumé or sort it out to a garbage bin.

As a career changer, pay a special attention to your headline. If you think you’re able to show a specific achievement related to the new job then you may go on writing the objective statement. But if you don’t have any performance related info that meets your prospective employer’s needs then leave it blank.

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How to Write a Resume — Qualifications

This part of how to write a resume is provided with the assumption that you’ve gained more than five years of experience with at least two different positions.

But since you apply for a different field you will need to craft your experience from a different angle. You may want to write a more general skills related to the new job.

For example, you’re a liaison between finance and IT department. You have a limited IT background but you want an IT career. As a liaison staff you may write your technical troubleshooting experience. Based on your research of the prospective employer and job opening ads, develop a list of job requirements and preferred qualifications.

How would you contribute to your potential employer’s goals achievement? Think of additional skills that make you special to the position. Or, if you are lacking in a certain skill, you may want to think how would you make up for it with other competency?

So summarize your credentials, once again, with your potential employer’s needs in mind construct summary of your qualifications with your career achievements and key competencies. Describe how you, with your qualifications, would help solve their problems.

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How to Write a Resume — Achievements

In this résumé part, it’s the time to show your details performance. Under every related position (and/or employer), build a paragraph that explain your responsibilities. Always remember to include only relevant experiences.

Then, craft your resume to show your past actions and results in a specific measurement as well as meaningful to the recruiter. For example, instead of mentioning Met sales quota rephrase it with Exceeded quota by 35% throughout tenure.

Besides detail results, your past actions are as important as well. The information will give the hiring manager clues on how you get things done. It’ll also show how you’ve handled responsibilities and how you’ve reacted when you faced challenges.

Also, be careful not to disclose your current employer’s confidential information as the hiring manager may judge this attitude is unethical.

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