The following glossary of career related terms provides you with definition and more detail information about terms used in Career Tests Guide site.

Aptitude Tests – uncover how people perform on specific tasks or react to different situation.

Career Aptitude Tests – tests to discover your strengths and weaknesses by measuring your ability to learn certain skills.

Career Assessment Tests – tests to discover your occupational values.

Career Books – a glossary of books related to career tests, career planning and career change.

Midlife Career Change – the idea of searching a new career for building a more meaningful second half of your life.

Career Interest Tests – Tests to discover an occupation that you are passionate about –your true calling.

Career Objective – part of your résumé that shows how you can add value to your prospective employer.

Career Personality Test – a test to discover your work personality — how you behave in your occupation.

Career Planning – a process of evaluating your current career position and developing action plans to achieve your ideal career.

Career Tests – questionnaires to check different characteristics: aptitudes, interests, values, and personality.

Cover Letter – a letter that introduces and ‘pre-sells’ your resume.

IQ Tests – questionnaires for finding intellectual capacity, such as: mathematical skills, verbal skills, spatial skills, logical reasoning, general knowledge, pattern Recognition, short-term memory and classification skills.

Job Interview – a process of finding a match between employer and job seeker.

Personal Mission Statement – a description of your life’s clear end point –your true direction.

Motivational Quote – words of wisdom to help you cope with challenges you face every day. They can give you strength and reinforce your beliefs in your own abilities to pursue your goals.

Personality Tests – tests to discover a complete picture of your style and approach to life.

Resume – a job search tool that summarizes your qualifications: work experience, achievements, and education. It should address in details how your qualifications can help you achieve your potential employer’s goals.

Setting Personal Goal – a personal planning process that integrate your career with any other area of your life.

Skill – your ability to do something as a result of your knowledge, training, or practice.

Ten Hottest Careers – the list of careers excerpted from the latest Occupational Outlook Handbook based on the fastest percentage growth and the largest numerical growth.

Thank You Letter After Interview – a letter that you send to interviewers for courtesy and reminder of your differentiation compared to other candidates.

Work At Home Careers – type of work that is suitable for you who want more flexibility to spend time with your family. Be sure to choose the legitimate and proven work from home opportunities.

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