Free sample cover letter you’ll discover here is an example of resume cover letter that can help you write a résumé cover page to pre-sell your résumé. It’s written by highlighting the most relevant experience and achievements for a targeted position so that recruiters want to read your résumé.

If you want to know more about cover letter writing guideline, the sample cover letter will give more tips on cover letter writing. But keep in mind, the greatest purpose of cover letter is to attract hiring managers to read the accompanying resume that will “close your sales.”

Below you’ll see the look and feel of a free sample cover letter. Study it carefully, especially the opening and body paragraphs.

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Free Sample Cover Letter

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Dear Mr. Smith: (Or Dear Hiring Manager:)

Your advertisement in for a Project Manager is an excellent fit to my qualifications. I now work for XYZ Corporation in the Project Management Division, with 5 years of success

  • managing engineering department projects,
  • receiving two awards for on schedule project accomplishment.

I am also a Certified Project Management Executive in high technology industry, with in-depth knowledge of software engineering.

I’m an organized person who believe that workplace should become a pleasant place to live and work together. In a tough project situation I use this principle to convince my teamwork to see obstacles as fun experiences so that they can persevere no matter what difficulties may arise.

Furthermore, the fun workplace has enabled me to run the most effective teamwork at XYZ Corporation since I can keep those under my supervision satisfied. Being a continuous learner, I believe I am able to contribute my current success for the benefit of your organization.

I am excited about the position and look forward to meeting with you in a job interview. Please feel free to contact me at the above phone number or email address. Thank you for your consideration.

(handwritten signature)
Your name

Now, it’s your turn. Compare the above cover letter sample with covers letters for career changers to start writing your career change cover letter.

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