Taking a free online aptitude test is a good practice before taking a real employment test.

Employers may use a specific test to screen candidates for employment. For that reason, you want to practice by taking the right types of aptitude tests. Just learn the test pattern and finish it quickly with the best score.

Employers use many hiring tools to predict your suitability to a job vacancy. First, they learn potential skills for doing particular type of work with aptitude tests. Then, they will clarify their findings with job interviews.

A good preparation means owning the same information as your potential employers.

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What are Free Online Aptitude Tests?

A free online aptitude test is practical test you can take at your convenience. But you have to separate serious aptitude tests with casual ones.

Use the tips below to select good quality aptitude tests:

  • A good online aptitude test is designed by a PhD degree. PhD degree designers are the qualified designers of career aptitude tests.
  • There are a lot of free tests on the internet. Make sure you check the designers’ track records. Do they have a credible “norms” (the context used to compare your scores with those of other people)?

Providers of Free Online Aptitude Tests

MAPP is an example free online aptitude test. This is a 15-minute test comprises 71 different three statements. The test report is a narrative offering insights into what motivate you. The result also shows careers matching to the narrative. There are free, starter, career and executive packages. But I recommend you take the starter package.

Aptitute-Test.com offers a huge numbers of aptitude tests: general, numerical, verbal, non-verbal, mechanical and other categories. There are one free test for each category. Each test includes a mix of questions, which are the same as the employment tests.  Just follow the instruction by using pen and paper for the tests but with no calculator.

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Certification Tests: Another Form of Online Aptitude Tests

A common type of aptitude tests are certification tests. These tests are good for both career development and career change.

A professional certificate shows proof that you master certain skills. This lets you to negotiate a promotion or a salary increase with your employer.

If you’re seeking a new job the certificate is good for supporting your skill claims. This is especially true when prospective employers ask you to do so.

There are different certification tests online. Computer Fundamentals (Win 8.1) offered by Brainbench is one example. The test measures your basic knowledge of using a PC, with a focus on the Windows 8.1 platform skills.

This test is designed for all computer users. It includes the following topics: Files and Folders, Hardware, Interfaces, Internet and Network, Office Applications and Windows Accessories, PC Settings, Performance, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Security, and Windows Features.

To take the test just sign up with Brainbench for free and then go to the beta Windows 8.1 test.

Free or Paid Aptitude Tests?

Overall, Free aptitude tests may offer you free and easy career choices. But never take any decision based on free online aptitude test results. The free tests only report general profiles and the results could mislead your decision.

I don’t know about you but I won’t risk my career with a decision based on free aptitude test reports.

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