Free IQ tests measures a few of your mental abilities relative to others of the same age. The intelligence quotient tests may help you find your intellectual capacity at work, such as: logical reasoning, math skills and general knowledge.

You have hundreds of specific mental abilities. Some of these abilities can be measured accurately. How high your testing score in one of these measured abilities will strongly show how high you would be expected to score on the unmeasured abilities.

IQ test results are measured with Intelligence Quotient Score (IQ Score), a number which indicates relative and comparative abilities. One reason to know your IQ testing score is to get an independent observation of your academic potential.

If your score is high, you may use that knowledge to see the possibility to achieve education that you now may feel incapable of obtaining. On the other hand, if your score is low, you may use the knowledge to set your own educational goals that can be achieved realistically using the amount of time and effort you can give.

If you think you need a detailed personal intelligence profile you may want to buy your comprehensive personal intelligence profile, it will give you greater detail about the range and variety of your mental abilities.

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Free IQ Tests and IQ Testing Scores

You’ll have your IQ test score almost immediately after taking the tests. The test results also report average IQ score and an option to buy a detailed intelligence report.

The free IQ tests and their IQ test score interpretations were uniquely designed to offer the most accurate IQ test results available in an online IQ test. They’re designed with speed in mind, and every extra minute you spend could cost you more points than a correct answer is worth.

They use collected results to the fullest, which gives them quality akin to that of a professional, hour-long exam. A cross-referenced answer scheme, a scaling point system and time weighing all contribution to your last, general intelligence score.

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