Free career aptitude tests are preliminary mental tests for preparing job aptitude tests that are administered by employers to screen candidates for employment. It’s good for you to take the test before you take the real employment tests because you will be able to predict your suitability to the job openings.

As implied by the name, free aptitude tests are free versions of comprehensive career aptitude tests. There are many online sources that offer such free tests and you can easily take the assessment even without signing up. Just take several online aptitude tests before employment tests and you’ll get certain competency tendencies that play a part in determining your career success at your job objective.

Free Career Aptitude Tests Limitations

Free aptitude tests mostly won’t produce a well-rounded picture of your abilities — they act as sample aptitude tests. They are designed to test a narrow range of tasks associated with logical reasoning, and the ability to manipulate words and numbers.

If you think that free career aptitude tests don’t give a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses, whether they’re too general or just incomplete, just buy comprehensive aptitude tests. By taking paid career aptitude tests you’ll have the same powerful tool that your potential employers have.

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Online Free Career Aptitude Tests

Online aptitude tests are available on just about every topic. These vocational aptitude tests include writing, differential, language, nursing, programmer, military, accounting, dental, computer, management, sales, electrical, music, flight, police, clerical, fire fighter, and many more. You can take a fire fighting aptitude test to find out if you should join the firefighter.

But I don’t suggest you take any career decision based on free test reports. They only give general profiles that could mislead your direction. Paid tests are worthwhile for your career success.

Here you’ll find several free online aptitude tests for your observation. Perform at least one aptitude assessment.

1. Brainbench provides in-demand job role certification programs. These job roles have been developed using the O*NET classification system and the company subject matter experts. Complete job role certifications include a selection of core skills as well as “elective” skills you can choose based on your specific needs. The job role certification program requires you to take more than one aptitude tests. Just sign up as for free at Brainbench and take a free test to learn how the it work.

2. The free career aptitude test from International Assessment Network shows the results of your online aptitude test in a sample format. All of the narrative available in their other appraisals is represented so you can get a feel for the value to you each appraisal represents. Plus, you get to match your results to 5 individual O*NET job descriptions. Take free career aptitude tests for working adults here.

3. offers free aptitude tests covering general, numerical, verbal, non-verbal, mechanical and other categories. I tried a general aptitude test that has 20 questions with time limit of 20 minutes. At the end of the test I was able to see my score and reviewed the right and wrong answers. The site also offers several aptitude tests for each category but you have to sign up to be able to take the other tests.

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