Executive resumes put more emphasis on accomplishments and not just accountability, which often relate to position title and “job content.” These resumes are more complex than a résumé for a middle manager since the resumes contain a lot of career achievement information.

The expertise and experience of executives mandate a more advanced and in-depth resume. In selecting a top executive for an interview, an employer’s top executive or an executive search committee needs to be sure that the candidate is worthy of a high salary. And executive resumes give an overall professional impression of an executive candidate.

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Writing an Executive Resume

If you’re applying for an executive position, which means you have established a considerable amount of life experience, the issue is how to covert your qualifications in writing. It’s about how to present your most relevant achievements that can meet the employer’s ideal job candidate.

In writing this type of resume, your university degree would less impress a human resources director. He or she might even not be interested in your profit and loss authority or number of staff members under your supervision. The recruiter is interested in your ability to “make things happen.”

In your résumé introduction, you need to include a list of your career accomplishments. This isn’t a list of your overall duties at your current or former companies, if any. But it should contain areas of expertise offered that has been proven to make profitable contributions and is potentially able to continue to do so in a new position. This introduction or summary statement acts like a résumé objective in lower level resumes.

The more relevant your headline to the employer needs the more likely the top executive committee makes a thorough review of your résumé.

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Make Your Resume Sells

You can separate yourself from other applicants by demonstrating your past accomplishments at the beginning of your résumé. You may start with powerful actions’ statements for each challenge you’ve faced and its related result or achievement. This list should become as your summary statement’s description.

Based on your strength you also need to show your personal quality by presenting your ability to manage change or identify new opportunities. Remember to translate these qualities into financial measurement such as revenue, profitability, or return on investment. Here you show that your strong leadership skills mean financial performance for the company.

If you’re aiming for changing career to other related industries, tell the recruiter that you have transferable skills in a corporate turnaround such as merger, acquisition or company restructuring. With these transferable skills you prove that you can run a division or a company.

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Executive Resume Format

The design of typical executive position resumes is more conservative than regular resumes for lower positions. Here a conservative design — in font choice and layout — convey seriousness and confidence message.

Since corporate hiring process is time-consuming and costly, hiring executives maximize their selection investment by interviewing only the executives who they know a lot. And if you really have the required qualities they will come across subtly in the details of your executive resume design. So the more plain and to the point your résumé is, the better.

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