Today computer certification is the key for IT professions. This is important to keep up with new computer applications and technology that easily come and go. However, even though the resources for computer study can be taken almost anywhere, the certification is a bit tricky to find.

For example, Cisco Systems is no doubt the leader in computer networking technology. But to avail of a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification, you have to finish their online course and pass the exams. Getting a Cisco certification is not easy but this Cisco certificate is no doubt will increase your competitive edge in today’s computer networking clogged market.

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Other Computer Certification Programs

Brand like Adobe is becoming one of the biggest names in software technology. For this reason, being proficient in Adobe products and having Adobe certifications are a good way to land a rewarding job. And to get an Adobe certification, you must pass a specific Adobe product proficiency exam, which includes different Adobe products such as Illustrator, Acrobat, FrameMaker, GoLive, and many more.

Another example is operating system technology. In this area Sun Microsystems’s Java Platform has become the foundation of most computer operations that is run on modern PCs. Since Java is the base structure of almost all web pages having a Java certification can land you a job faster.

If you are a database management specialist then you may want to consider Oracle certifications because a database professional is still in demand more than ever. Oracle Certified Professionals, which could as easily translate into database administrators, software developers, analysts, Web administrators and data architects, are often offered good paying jobs by employers.

So to further your career as an IT professional consider getting your IT certification. With the certificate you will be more desirable than those who do not own one. Additional computer certifications will also help you receive a pay increase if you are already working as an IT and you are looking to earn more income.

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