Child IQ test is intelligence test designed and administered for children. Although educators now recognize their limitations, IQ tests for children are still useful at predicting how well your kid will perform in various educational environments. They can help you predict why your youngster struggle or early mastering a specific aptitude.

When it comes to taking the tests, you may have several reasons to ask that a child IQ test be administered to your kid. One reason is when your child masters certain aptitude, such as reading or math concepts, earlier than other children at his or her age.

Or, conversely, when your child seems to be struggling with early home learning. However, several experts suggest that an IQ test for kid is conducted after your son or daughter enters elementary school since IQ test scores or results for preschool children are less reliable.

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What is a Child IQ Test Like?

Each individual IQ test for kid consists of a series of subtests. Verbal subtests, usually without time limits, measure vocabulary, arithmetic reasoning, abstract reasoning, general information and common sense comprehension.

Other subtests are generally visual or spatial in nature, and usually are timed. The psychologist will use the IQ test scores to identify relatively weak or strong areas of performance.

IQ test results of the two subtests are summarized in separate verbal and performance IQ scores and a full-scale IQ test score is tallied.

One online test provider even divides its child IQ tests into several age groups. For example (open in new windows), if your children are in the range of 4 to 6 they can take child IQ test for the age range. Or, if your son or daughter is between 7 to 9-year-old or even 10 to 15-year-old IQ test for kid at that age range maybe the suitable one.

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How To Proceed a Child IQ Test?

Back to reason to ask an intelligence quotient test, which one is your problem: early or struggle mastering a certain aptitude?

As predictor tools, IQ test for kid will give information on the strengths and weaknesses of your child. So if your child is early in mastering math concepts it may be because of his or her high score on verbal subtests.

On the other hand, kid IQ tests can also be helpful if you suspect a problem in school. If your kid is under achieving you may find a pattern in his or her IQ test result whether your child has a specific learning disability. Most importantly, you need to use your kid’s IQ test score for educational planning and not just for labeling.

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