Career quiz is a type of career assessment tests that can offer an overview of your suitability with certain type of jobs or occupations. The quiz term is often associated with something that is fun or light — similar to that of free career tests.

There are many work quizzes. Work preference quizzes detects whether you prefer directive, social, methodical, objective or innovative work. Other quizzes help you know how you like to work with data, people and things. You can also find quizzes that measure your work values. All the quizzes provide test results and lists of matching occupations to explore.

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Career Quizzes for Planning a Career Change

If you want to change career, you don’t need to apply a trial and error approach. Career quizzes can give you overviews about your preferences and the tasks that give you greatest satisfaction. In other words, you understand where you’re most effective as an individual.

Combine that with the characteristics of others and the impact you can have on them, and you’ll create better relationships and gain more satisfaction from life. With that said, quizzes reports can help you to select the most suitable work environment.

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Job Outlook Career Quiz

This quiz has 15 questions — each question comes in with six different tasks — helps you find your work interests. The trick is choosing the task you’d like doing more than all others in a specific question. Remember, this test tries to show your interests so make sure you don’t choose an answer based on your abilities.

I tried the test and finished it in less than 10 minutes. Once done, the results showed me a list of career clusters. The six group of occupations are Practical, Technical, Creative, Administrative, People and Helping. The longest bar (represents jobs I might enjoy) for my career test result was Creative.

job outlook career quizWhen I clicked the Creative link in I was directed to three career categories: Professionals, Technicians and Trade Workers, and Sales Workers. Next, I chose the Professionals link and got a list of occupations such as Art and Media Professionals, Sales/Marketing and Public Relation Professionals, and Transport and Design Professionals, and Architects. In short, the test report gave me a very general idea about works that I might enjoy doing.

Take a Job Outlook career quiz here. And if you’re looking for a serious test learn about career interest tests.

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The Princeton Review Career Quiz

The Princeton Review quiz is 24-questions job quiz asks easy stuff about you, and then analyze your answer to determine your most likely interests and work style. Using the quiz result the provider will guide you to careers that would likely suit you — and, more importantly, that you’d enjoy!

The career assessment is designed to give you a taste of the Performance Profile Survey, which constructs a much deeper and more accurate personal profile.

Understanding your quiz and Performance Profile Survey results can direct you toward making good career decisions. They will also help you search online for information on careers that may match your interests.

All you have to do is answer the test’s questions honestly. After you’ve answered all the questions you’ll get a general description of your interests, skills, and preferred style as well as a list of careers matching to your interests.

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