Career changing sample cover letters are examples of cover letters that are able to promote resumes to hiring managers. The cover letters highlight relevant skills and achievements so that they attract the employers to read your resumes.

The crucial aspect of writing cover letters for career changers is selecting the right highlights. Ideally you write your career change resume first and then transferring your summary of skill or qualifications headings to your cover letter.

Once you successfully promote your qualifications you’re ready to close the sale with your résumé. Just write your own resume with career change resume as your reference.

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Career Changing Sample Cover Letters

The hiring managers are looking for several important qualities from job applicants. But they’ll raise the bar for career changers because these types of applicants are considered riskier compared to those coming from the same industry.

So, you have no choice except demonstrating unique or rare qualities that the company needs. You may want to show to potential employers that you’re a team player, always finishing what you’ve started, and a problem solver. The question is how to show them on your cover letter. Here’s how…

Dear Hiring Manager,

Your job advertisement (show where you saw the ads) mentioned important areas for (position advertised) which has been suitable with my passion for (position advertised) and my qualifications as a:

– High achiever. (Provide samples of projects or tasks you’ve accomplished and show any recognition from your employer, if available.)

– Problem solver. (Show one problem or two that you solved and explain the impact to your company’s performance)

– Team player. (Describe the name and the size of your teams, and how you and your teams contribute to the company’s achievements)

With part-time, related job experience, I will be ready for one month or two probation without pay to allow you judge my performance before investing in me for an employment.

I hope you will consider that my general backgrounds matching to the qualities you are looking for and will want to invite me for an interview.

Visit covers letters for career changers for more tips on what to include in career change cover letters.

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Cover Letters to Explain Experience Gaps

As you see from the above sample, you don’t have to explain your experience gaps explicitly. From the scanning the hiring managers will find that you aren’t from the same industry. Your focus is always on the companies’ needs and writing a few concise sentences so that they want to read your career change resume.

You may also want to compare the above cover letter sample with a sample cover letter to find the difference between career change cover letter and cover letter for those who apply from the same industry.

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