best careers for the futureThe best careers for the future are careers that will reward you with long-term joy and fulfillment. They may be not today’s hottest or top careers. Or, they may not also be the best paid or highest paying careers.

No matter what career you choose, if it’s based on your true calling you’ll do much more and be highly satisfied. You’ll no longer look for what so-called the best job or the hottest occupation since you’ve used God’s gifts in your career.

When consciously chosen, the best careers for the future don’t have to be a single career choice. It includes a set of career progression with which you’ll accomplish your main life’s mission.

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The Difference between a Career and a Job

To help you understand your best careers in the future concept better here I’ll describe the difference between a career and a job.

In a corporate world, a job is something handed over to you by your employer, where a career is your personal belonging. Employers will look for a candidate to fill up a job opening but you will search a job that matches your career path.

Do you earn a living by having a job or pursuing a career?

If you choose to pursue a career, it implies that you have conscientiously chosen this field. Since each job you take helps you advance to higher levels you’ll incorporate it into your career plan.

However, if you don’t think about your career seriously you might take education that has no direct relationship with what you do to earn a living. And you may focus solely on your current occupation without having any strategies to expect any changes in your job environment.

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What are the Best Careers for the Future?

What is your current occupation? Is it in this list?

  • business consulting
  • business valuation
  • electrical engineer
  • entrepreneur
  • fashion designer
  • financial advisor
  • stockbroker
  • accounting
  • aeronautical engineer
  • firemen
  • paralegal
  • pediatrician
  • public relations
  • nurse
  • teacher
  • video game designer

Your best future career won’t be in a specific career or job category. It’ll be in an occupation you like and are good at. It’ll be a career that provides more internal rewards than merely external, monetary rewards.

In some phases of your life you may experience several career changes. But, as you master transferring your skills and interests to a new career you’ll find both work and financial satisfaction along your career journey.

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