How smart are you? Take intelligence quotient or IQ tests to measure your performance in many areas of intelligence. Here you’ll get information about taking Intelligence tests and interpreting your IQ scores for career or educational planning.

A well-administered test can offer most information about your overall general aptitudes. Your IQ scores will tell whether you are a logical thinker, visually inclined, a verbal genius, or a numerical whiz. But intelligence tests also assess the following intelligences:

  • Mathematical skills
  • Verbal skills
  • Spatial skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • General knowledge
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Short term memory
  • Classification skills

As the name implies, intelligence quotient tests and the test results don’t take into account social and emotional intelligence. They don’t also measure other human abilities such as: musical talents, artistic talent, physical coordination, or spiritual level.

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Type of IQ Tests

There are many types of online intelligence quotient tests. Each type of test is designed for different purposes.

If you want to get a general overview of your intellectual potential you may take free intelligence quotient tests. But if you aren’t satisfied with their IQ scores you may buy comprehensive assessment reports.

Intelligence tests for school-aged youngsters are Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and the Stanford Binet Intelligence Test. Child intelligence tests are the most widely used intelligence testing for kids. You may want to ask your kid to take an intelligence quotient assessment to discover whether he or she is early to master a skill or facing a learning disability.

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A High IQ Score — IQ Score Interpretation

The developer of Intelligence tests use mathematical calculations to find the mean or average IQ scores. Score of 100 means you are in the middle of the population. If your IQ score is 130 you are among 2% of all persons taking the test.

The best reason in interpreting your IQ score is to get an independent observation of your education potential. But no IQ score should be considered an exact measure of intellectual ability.

As IQ scores only report general aptitudes, you should never use your IQ score as the sole basis in determining your aptitude strengths. If you blend it with the strengths and weaknesses obtained from career aptitude tests you’ll get invaluable information to plan your career education.

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