disc personality testDISC personality test is a psychological assessment used to uncover your individual styles. Employers conduct this type of personality test to understand each employee’s personality profile and improve interpersonal relationships, teamwork and communication among employees.

You can speak “the language” of potential employers, for example, by taking DISC personality test before a job interview. It’ll assist you in anticipating any job interview question, or it can also provide a useful guideline for career planning.

DISC Personality Test Styles and Types

The report of a DISC personality assessment model reveals your individual styles, which predict the likely trends of your behavior in the future. It evaluates four key “styles” of your individual’s behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and¬†Conscientiousness (DISC).

An understanding of the properties of the four basic factors is important for interpreting any DISC personality profile. The factors help to define your motivations, your aversions and dislikes, and your general style of behavior.

  • Dominance (D) relates to control, power and assertiveness.
  • Influence (I) relates to your approach to social situations and communication.
  • Steadiness (S) is the factor of patience, persistence and thoughtfulness.
  • Conscientiousness (C) describes your approach to structure and organization.

There are 5 report options of DISC tests: DISC Classic 2.0 and Everything DISC series, which include Workplace Profile, Management Profile, Sales Profile and Work of Leaders Profile. It takes approximately 10-40 minutes to complete DISC tests and you don’t need experts to interpret your personality test results. The practical nature and reliability of DISC tests have increased their popularity as one of hiring tools.

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Take a DISC Personality Test –¬†DiSC Classic 2.0

The DISC personality test’s questionnaires consist of twenty-four questions. Each of these career personality test questions has four options, and asks you to select which of these applies closely to your approach.

Just take the test and answer each question carefully and honestly. Once you’ve completed the personality test computer software will process it and you’ll get your DISC profile almost immediately.

Your Life’s Path offers DISC Classic 2.0 with results that you can view immediately upon completing assessment. This report shows you the strengths and challenges of your behavioral style. There is a chance to view a sample 23-page report before you take a DISC personality test.

Take a DISC personality test from Your Life’s Path here.

Meaning and Application Of Your Disc Profile

When you get your test result you will learn about yourself and your preference. By observing relationships among different factors, you can build up a library of your individual traits. And then expanding this approach across the profile series, you can also assess traits that you lack. This provides a useful picture of your behavioral style.

If you want to learn your chance for getting hired simply match your DISC profile to the personality profile of your job target. This involves the construction of an ideal behavioral profile for one or more roles, and comparing these against your DISC personality test result. Using the comparison you can find out which roles suit your style the best.

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